How to extract the contents of the cell and the name of the column when clicking on the cell with the DT package in Shiny?

Good morning and happy Friday!
My problem is:

a) The example to extract the contents of the cell using mtcars does not work in my application, because when you click on the cell, it gives the value to the left.
b) I can not make it show the name of the column of the cell that I clicked on.

I am turning these into a "summary box". Click on row 1 of column drat and then row 1 of column wt. You will see what I am talking about.

Only one thing: my real application is like a school schedule, where the first column is Time. I do not need to extract the time, since people will see it but will not click on it. People will click on the "topics" below the M-F colonists. That's why I thought about adding 1 to the entry $ ing_table_cells_selected[2], since 2 is the component of the column and DT begins indexing at 0.

The application is in the "English" tab.

Thank you! I appreciate any help I can give, since I've spent hours doing research but it's not working at all.

## libraries
library (shinydashboard)
library (bright)
library (data.table)
library (dplyr)
library (DT)

ui = dashboardPage (

dashboardHeader (title = "App"),

control panel sidebar
menuItem ("Spanish", tabName = "Spanish", icon = icon ("laptop")),
menuItem ("English", tabName = "English", icon = icon ("print"))

table items

tabItem (tabName = "English",
h3 ("Data", style = "color: DodgerBlue; text-align: center; font-family: Palatino Linotype; padding: 0px; margin-top: 0px;"),


DT :: dataTableOutput ("ing_table"),
box (title = "Summary of activities", state = "primary", solidHeader = TRUE, collapsible = TRUE,
DT :: dataTableOutput ("summary")


## SERVER SIDE ##########

server <- function (input, output) {

## using mtcars set as an example
output $ ing_table = DT :: renderDataTable (mtcars, options = list (searching = FALSE, bInfo = 0, scrollX = TRUE, pageLength = 5), rownames = FALSE, selection = list (target = "cell"), server = FALSE )

# code to extract the value of the cell and make it reactive to feed the output $ summary
# I used "cell[2]"to access the index of the column and add 1, since the index of the column DT starts at 0 and I need the values ​​that start at column 1, not at 0
reserved_act = reactive ({
cell <- entry $ ing_table_cells_selected
data = data.frame (Values ​​= mtcars[cell], Column_Names = colnames (mtcars[cell[cell[célula[cell[2]+1]))

observeEvent (input $ ing_table_cells_selected, {

output $ summary = renderDataTable (reserved_act (), options = list (searching = FALSE, bInfo = 0, scrollX = TRUE, paging = FALSE), rownames = FALSE)



shinyApp (ui, server)