How to enter a URL on a smartphone without doing a search?

Scenario: I am speaking in person with someone and during the course of the conversation I think of a website whose URL I know by heart, and I want them to write the URL on their smartphone and access the website directly without doing a web search ( as you could do in a traditional computer browser in the address bar).

To be clear: I do not want you to do "search while writing", I do not want you to create suggestions based on partial matches, and I do not want you to do any search that offers search results. I do not want the entered string sent to a search engine to perform any kind of processing. I just want you to open a connection to the indicated website (that is, go directly to the DNS search followed by the HTTP or HTTPS connection to the URL entered). Also, in this scenario, I have no way to generate a QR code for them (I do not have a smartphone and may not carry my computer with me).

Do smartphones have that facility (ie, a field to enter a URL without passing it to a search engine, just as old browsers did with the address bar)? If so, how do I ask the Android user (and / or iOS user) to find the field where they can type the URL and have a search engine not process it?