How to enable Huawei Health app options for iOS that exist for Android?

I bought a Huawei Band 3 Pro a few months ago, and while using it with my Android phone, everything I needed was working (using the Huawei Health Android app).

But lately, I switched to an iPhone 11 pro and, therefore, I used the iOS version of that application. And it seems that the iOS application lacks several aspects. But maybe I just didn't find the right place to set it up correctly.

What I lack:

  • With Android, I could enable "notifications" that go to the band by source. Meaning: First I would enable notifications in general, and then I could select "I want calendar events and phone calls, but I don't want Facebook or WhatsApp." With iOS: I only found "notifications" that can be enabled. And now I receive calendar events, phone calls, facebook, whatsapp … just a lot of things that I really don't want to be notified. Question: Is there a way to configure individual sources for notifications?
  • Beyond that, the band knows several forms of exercises. Like indoor cycling. Which … Huawei's health app doesn't show me anything. With Android, I could see past workouts, for everybody The exercises offered by the band. With iOS, there are only steps, beats, sleep … and 3 outdoor activities (based on GPS). Question: Is there any way to access these "missing" activities, such as training data for indoor cycling?