How to create a decent set of C ++ patterns?

I'm in a group that is responsible for renewing the company's guidelines for the C ++ code. We recently updated our complete legacy code base from C ++ 98 to C ++ 11, and we are currently moving to C ++ 14.

I find it difficult to find the optimal approach for these guidelines. What we have agreed so far is to create guidelines on how the code should be formatted (syntax, denomination, etc.) and the structure of files and folders in our code. This is simple, necessary for consistency and easy to follow.

The old guidelines had 30 codings that did and did not. These are good but old, and we are pushing them to replace or eliminate them. We can choose a strict rule set approach, a free no rules approach or something in between. The last two options are preferable. Preferably, the goal is to encourage the coders to create a quality and maintenance code, without being too rigid, since flexibility is required to maintain the creativity and joy of coding.

We could refer to the basic guidelines of cpp or similar. However, we found this too complete. Although programmers should read it, no one will read it in its entirety.

Should one select the 20-30 main rules of the basic cpp guidelines? So, how do you select a decent subset …? Should the rules of a trench completely and focus on continuing education?

Does anyone have any experience in creating coding guidelines for the company, which are in any way required, while maintaining individual creativity and satisfaction? What was your focus? Our level of software guarantee is medium-high: it is not the strictest, nor the most vague