How to contact Plesk support!

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Ok, so here's the story. I contacted Plesk after 4 days they responded and said that I bought my license from their partner, so I should contact them to get support. I contacted them and they told me that they were IaaS providers, so they would not help me and they told me that I needed Google's problem to solve the solution.

My problem is "Configuration Fail2ban, I need you to send me an email with whois and with the registration of that activity in the same email"

I think I found the request you sent. Our system rejected it automatically because Plesk was purchased from our partner. Automatic notification by email has been sent about it.

In general, the users who bought Plesk from our Partners should contact them to obtain assistance, that is correct. Plesk partners and resellers provide technical support if they resell Plesk licenses. We train and certify your teams to help them prepare to address queries related to Plesk. If the problem is very difficult for them or it seems too specific to Plesk, they usually contact us on their behalf. We are always happy to help you solve it.

However, I see that you are now in a dead end situation, so I created a ticket to help you with the fail2ban configuration.