How to configure G Suite for a large group of transient users to access low-level documents?

I am the chairman of the board and a de facto IT person in a small nonprofit youth development organization. We recently switched to G Suite for email and file storage in the cloud. We have 3 user "classes": staff, board of directors and youth. The staff has individual accounts within our G Suite environment. Board members have private gmail accounts that have access to Team Drives, etc. My question is about young people.

We have around 60 teenagers who participate in our programs every year. We would like you to have access to several documents in the field through the chromatic books that we have available. This group has unreliable access to the Internet and email from home, so using personal accounts is unsustainable. The group also has a high turnover, so creating 60 individual user accounts and keeping that list of users updated would be burdensome.

The seemingly obvious solution is to create a single user, "youth" and give access to that account to our program staff so they can log in to Team Drive, for example, in a chromebook, give it to one of our youth and you can access any document they need.

I understand that G Suite is based on the assumption that each user is an individual human being, and many features do not really work well when that assumption is broken. However, in this scenario, I really can not think of another simple way to achieve what I need. Is there a better way to do this? Is there any unintended consequence of doing it this way that you should be aware of?

Thanks for your help and advice!