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Do you want to know how to solve when I forgot the password and change the password of FB? Here we go with the full details:

Facebook is a social networking website visited daily by a number of users around the world. It is one of the best platforms where most people find the latest information on politics, work, entertainment and much more easily. To access the FB account, you must have the correct information for the email address and password. Most users are using their FB with the help of their mobile phone number and password. But it is important to have an email address that will help you protect your account for a long time conveniently.

How to fix when you forgot the old password of the FB account:

If you forgot your FB account password and can not remember your previous password, you only have one option if you want to access your account in a simple way. It would be a perfect idea to recover the password of the FB account using the basic troubleshooting task and recover your password easily.

Here are the ways to reset your FB account password easily:

· First, start an Internet browser and visit the FB account to click on the sing button.

· Enter the correct email address and password to access, but you will encounter an error when you click on the Forgot my password button.

· Enter the correct mobile phone number in the box and then click on the verify button.

· You must verify your registered mobile phone to verify and enter the verification code.

· After that, a link will be displayed to reset the password on the next page that allows entering the new password.

· Enter the new Facebook enter the password in the new one and confirm the password field at the end of the task, simply.

Once you have reset the password, if you want to change it for your simple password to choose and enter while accessing, you can Change Facebook password simply.

Here are the ways to change your Facebook password comfortably.

· At the beginning, visit your FB account page and click on the Login button to enter the correct e-mail address and password.

· Go to the configuration, click on the password change button and go to the next process.

· Enter the previous password and then enter the verification code that was sent to your registered mobile phone.

· Now you can enter the new password in the new password and confirmation field at the end of the task easily.

For help and additional information, you can contact the technical support team at any time to solve the problem easily.

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