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How to SEO your site – an introductionOutdoor

This starts from scratch, so it can be boring and obvious for what I apologize, but many people have mistaken and preconceived ideas that I wanted to clarify.

What is SEO?
Search engine optimization is modifying your website to help your site be higher on the search engine results page (SERP). This can be divided into the site and the SEO site that I explain below. The Google algorithm takes more than 200 points into consideration when deciding the SERP and it is believed that it is updated or modified every two or three days. Due to the secrecy of the algorithm, most SEO analysis and advice are the result of experience, informed guesses and filtered code and, therefore, are open to interpretation. Nothing is written in stone and is constantly evolving, growing and updating.

Off Site SEO
This is the most important part of SEO, but generally the part over which you have lease control. Basically, these are links that link to your website, however, the position of these links on other sites, the title and the keyword of the link, as well as the content and importance of the page on which they are located, Those are considered. I will explain the importance of these later, but basically you want many links to your site from good quality sites and similar content.

On the SEO site
This is when you modify your own site to help you receive a better SERP. It's the part you have more control over, so I'll focus more on it.
A good example of a site with great SEO off-site and terrible on the SEO site is All links to wbb say it's great, but due to wbb's content, all of your pages are hidden from Google.
An example of a warez site that probably has better SEO on the site than outside the site is This site also receives a lot of Google traffic, but it would not have so many people linked to it. Instead, it has good URLs, titles, meta tags and other SEO techniques on the site that help it, which I will now explain.

Title tags
This is the part that appears in the browser tab and also the part that appears in blue and underlined in Google. You want to achieve a balance between the keywords and the text that will get the attention of the person in Google. Usually, it is decided by the title of the magazine's publication or the poster on your site. If there is a user that reads this attempt, make sure that their titles are clean, legible without characters or fantasy points between the words. This will generate more downloads for you. From the webmasters point of view, you should have it so that it is not just the title. An example of what used to be really bad was in HQ-Uploads where each title read "Rapidshare free downloads – HQ-Uploads", no matter what the publication was. It's amazing how much " – Powered by vBulletin" for your index you really need to surrender now.
Also, do not have "Site name – Avatar 2009 DVDrip" as insanecoders or, worse yet, as You want to keep the keywords, in this case Avatar 2009 and DVDrip as close to the front as possible. So it would be better to have "Avatar 2009 DVDrip – Site Name" as what they have warezlobby, realwarez, etc. If the name of your site does not contain a keyword, do not include it in the title as it will reduce its importance. Taking as an example the insanecoders, it would be better for them to simply have "Avatar 2009 DVDrip" since their name is terrible from the point of view of a keyword. Your other possibility is to do something like what the warez forums have where they have the mosaic of the post followed by keywords chosen, although I think they have too many and some titles end up being too long.

Keyword meta tags
Google does not take into account the meta tags of keywords, however, they are still read by Yahoo, but they are given very little importance. However, Google reads them and if you add too many keywords, Google will penalize you for being an imbecile. If that's where intelligent It is suggested not to have more than 10 keywords. Having hundreds of keywords will only slow down the loading of your site's page. You want dynamic keywords that come from the content of your page. Having keywords like warez, download, free and rapidshare does not make sense. The keywords must match the words in the content of the page to work correctly. You really do not have to worry much about keywords, just make sure you do not have hundreds of them.

Description Meta Tags
This is very important. While Google reads and is taken into consideration, I think it is more important since this is the text that appears under the title in SERP, so it must be relevant and capture the attention of Google users. Google shows two lines of text taken from the Meta Description. Most forum SEO mods take the description of the content of the publication. This is the reason why users should always have some relevant text in their publications. Not just a screenshot of imdb or a screenshot of an information file.

URL & # 39; s
In the past, more attention was paid to this, but it is still taken into account when calculating the SERP. This is when you change the name of the URL to include the title or certain keywords. For example, /showthread.php?p=227370 changes its name to Here more search keywords have been added to the URL. They are usually taken from the title of the post. You want the keywords to be as close to the front as possible and as few empty words as possible. Therefore, it is not a good idea for your site to redirect to a folder as a forum or forum. E.g. or as your introduction of more stop words.

Images – General
Search engines like Google can not read images. They prefer the text. That's why you can add title and alt tags to images to indicate not only search spiders but also the visually impaired that contain the images. This is a great way to add additional keywords to your pages. Pass the mouse over any image in a post on and you will see text with more keywords. This is more difficult to achieve in the forums as a loader, but one thing you can do is have the images named. Instead of having images like you can use, for example, as this will allow you to add more keywords to your page. For webmasters, you can add more keywords by having alt tags and appropriate names for all your images. For example, have your logo called sitename-home.jpg instead of logo.jpg and have an alt tag that says "site name logo – more free downloads" or something similar. If you have a guest banner or custom icons, add alt tags to the images and ask them to name them appropriately by adding more general keywords. E.g. download-music.jpg is better than forum8-icon.jpg. Everyone can see the icon of a forum that indicates music or a movie, but Google can not.

Links – General
Some general tips and suggestions about links soon!

Content – General
It is difficult to maintain control of the content of the publications, since they are generally carried out by the users who load them, but you must be much more careful with the ones you publish and send to the DDL sites. As these sites will have backlinks to the pages when they are sent, if the content is good, they are much more likely to get a high SERP compared to the posts in your forum.
You want to have some text describing the download. E.g. for movies, plot, link imdb, actors, premiere group, genre, etc. This is important since people have trouble finding movies like & # 39; Up & # 39; from Disney Pixar, so any additional help and keywords are useful.
To get good examples of publications, visit Mr-R-T at, for example, movies: it contains a description of the film, actors, link imdb, information, etc. All the things that visitors can look for. Remember that the words in bold have an additional importance.

Content – Keywords
Where should the keywords be and how often do they come soon?

Site Map
Remember to send your sitemap in the Google Webmasters area and in the Yahoo site browser. Another thing you should add is a robots.txt file. More tips and tricks soon!

Server and Hosting
Some time ago, part of Google's algorithm was leaked. It was the part concerning the time and the loading speed of the page. It showed that Google took into account the loading time of a site's page, the location of the server and the frequency with which the site was inactive or offline. Therefore, it is important to have a fast and reliable host with good uptime, not only for its members but also to achieve a good SERP

Dead links and error pages
Nobody likes dead links, but they do happen, so you should have error pages to help members and search engines through your site. The most shared hosting allows custom error pages and you should have all common error pages such as 400, 401, 402, 403, 404 and 500. Google does not like careless sites with many missing images, dead links, missing pages, etc. and keep them to a minimum and keep the site clean. I'm not aware of Rapidshare and Hotfile encoded links. I'm interested in forum icons, button images, missing pages, etc.

Blackhat Techniques – Illegal things to avoid
Blackhat is the term given to modify your website to improve the SERP. This is usually in the form of showing something to Google that real people will not see. The most basic example is to have additional keywords on the page that are the same color as the background. This means that people can not see the text, but search engine spiders can. This is known as keyword stuffing. Other examples include redirecting search spiders to different pages filled with keywords and links.
This is highly illegal and Google is always improving its algorithm to capture these sites. If they catch you, Google will ban you and may take several months, if not years, to be included in the whitelist again. An example of a high-profile site that was banned for keyword stuffing was the German BMW Car website, which was banned by Google a few years ago.
In general, people who offer a lot of traffic or visitors use Blackhat techniques. I strongly recommend that you stay away from these, as it is not worth the risk.

Feel free to distribute this, but a reference would be nice. It is in draft form at this time and I will add it sooner. Especially keyword targeting that I really have not covered and subsequent links and how they work. Comments and comments are welcome