How is it that so many people can't see how trick Trump is?

Republicans have been "trained" to believe that the country belongs to them, the founding fathers agreed with them, that they should be in charge. And that the & # 39; liberals & # 39; They have stolen their country and need to recover it. Listen to Christians (some Christians), crazy people, racists, xenophobes, homophobes, etc., etc. And they all sound like this. We have to recover our country from bookstores, communists and socialists!

Then each Republican candidate promises & # 39; We will do what WE want. You will get what YOU want, and F * CK to all those other people! & # 39; And the promise that minor considerations such as the Constitution and the rule of law will not get in your way. Getting what you want is the important thing. The Bill of Rights, the federal system of government, "a government of laws, not men," is not important. It's about getting what you want.

You can really see this with the Christian right. (SOME) Christians have been convinced that their religion should grant them special privileges and rights over the rest of us. That our founding fathers were fundamentalists, just like them, and that they didn't want a "wall of separation" between the church and the state. They have even been convinced that God wants what they want, so by cheating and lying and being racist and xenophobic, by screwing the poor and keeping barefoot and pregnant women, they are doing GOD'S WORK!

Trump looked at them as the guy to do it! A guy who was above the law, who lied and cheated his entire career and never got into too much trouble. The worse Trump is, the better they like it!