How is it that people find my low vision videos on YouTube?

Keep in mind that: this is not a question about "how can I get more visits on YouTube" or something like that. This is really only because of my own curiosity.

I have a YouTube channel that contains videos that I made for a class in which I participate in teaching. The videos are public on youtube. They cover topics that many, many others have already covered, so I really only hoped that people with the direct link could find them.

For the most part, this is true: most videos have very few views (less than 100) and most of the views were recorded during the time the class lasted. What confuses me is how some of my videos continue to get views even though the class has long since ended. This is usually around 2 per week, which is nothing special. I should mention that the geographic report places these views outside of my country of origin, so unless the viewers are using proxies, I'm sure they are not my students. I'm happy that people are using the videos, but:

  1. The videos have such common themes that a superficial search on YouTube reveals hundreds of videos, many of them with thousands of visits.
  2. When I search for the exact title of the video I I can not find them

So I'm just curious to know how I show up in some people's search results every week. It's a little fun to keep seeing the views …