How I got more online sales from Instagram raffle. Personal experience with social networks.

Hello colleagues.

After looking here for some strategies to promote, I discovered that nobody is really doing this. Anyway, I thought that creating a dedicated post would be a good idea. Here it is, I hope it helps you with your marketing channels.

My company had an e-commerce website that produced ~ $ 50-80k in sales per month. Mainly of advertising investment in Adwords, FB and purchases of retargeting from Criteo. Thus, during the last 2 years our sales were flat. I, as a marketing strategist, wanted to establish our own group of people instead of buying them online or through traditional advertisements. I started to promote our profiles of social networks, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. After a period of time, it turned out that Instagram drives most of the sales, so I focused on Instagram; however, I was only able to obtain users from our own group of clients (around 1k). Buying Instagram / Facebook was too expensive, so I found a sweepstakes company and did a Loop Giveaway test with them, which gave us almost 150 thousand followers in the 7 day contest. We started to have a little commitment with the products on Instagram and then boom, I started seeing more sales. We lost about 20 thousand followers after the end of the draw, but then we got more organic fans. So that's the story. It's been 2 months now and we're on the list for a new draw as a sponsor. The current followers in IG is 148k.

I hope that helps…