How easy it is to get customizable or configurable SharePoint software for customer service?

Looking for great option in share point customer care applications which is capable of supporting multilingual operations in the future. We currently operate in California alone, but thinking of getting on to more countries as we began to get acceptable reactions from everywhere California. Possibly the pandemic has affected us emphatically to get more customers, as we are an online crafts and customized gift shop.

We have been running a physical store in CA for the past 10 years without even having an updated website. In any case, we chose to use the Covid-19 scene beneficially and along these lines opened an online store as an experiment!

Presently we need a software with a simple UI, not for the customers but for us as most of my staff are somewhat away from the techie stuff. I would be appreciative on the off chance that you could propose me a straightforward help desk system with a customizable dashboard and easy ticket automation system.

We have been utilizing Microsoft Sharepoint for document management, so it would be simpler for us to learen any Sharepoint application. Feeling that way, I got alluded to dock365’s Sharepoint help desk application, I had the chance to attempt their demo however thought of taking some veteran guidance before falling into it.

I trust I could clearly communicate my requirements, presently it is your chance to give some enthusiasm for my first post and offer some important criticism.

Thanks in advance!