How do you organize yourself?

Hello guys,

I would appreciate a lot to learn from you new methods of personal organization, how to avoid procrastination, how to hardcore work, gain new habits and build up discipline and so get the best result out of the effort we put in the day to day activities.

Now I wake up a 6:30am, make my morning routine till 9 am when I start working I work till 2 pm then take lunch and after that at 3 pm, continue to do office stuff (really need a secretary) till 5 pm.

After that I think about the next project looking at my local and national competition, have a bookmarks folders just for that and surf the net I must admit that some times I do it when I’m supposed to work.

I try to go to bed at 1030 every night and control the coffee and tobacco if I can, because I live very accelerated type of life and have sleeping problems, had to take pills to sleep. I never taste alcohol along the week, only in the weekend some whisky with redbull, my favorite drink.

I plan my week on Sunday evening at 10pm and if I can’t I plan it on Monday morning after my routine. I try to keep it simple and program the great tasks before and after that the small steps after that the work it isn’t always the same, some days I speak with new clients on another occasions they call me have to send emails and coordinate myself with my colleague and so on.

I use a lot the pomodoro technique set the alarm for 20 minutes and rest 5 and fight hard to avoid procrastination and focus on the tasks it was difficult in the beginning but menage to make the habits work and now it is almost perfect, till something random happens.

When I’m low on work and have to look for new clients I have the temptation to slow it down because obtaining clients it is a distinct job, has to do with other skills.

So I’m going back and forward between to different professionals types.

Love to hear about how do you freelancers organize your day. Somebody tried out the Kayzen technique in their work routine?