How do you actually recalculate each individual cell in a Google sheet?

My problem

I have a spreadsheet where a ton of #REFEREE!s now evaluate correctly, but only if it is recalculated individually. The spreadsheet will not automatically recalculate them at the same time.


Initially, 1 sheet was deleted. This caused a lot of #REFEREE!It's all over the place. Then, I managed to restore the deleted sheet, so all the data is there. But none of the #REFEREE!s recalculated.

MAKE recalculate and evaluate correctly if I go to each individual cell and write enter + enter, effectively recalculating that cell. But there does not seem to be a way for the full spreadsheet to recalculate them.

I have tried:

1) reload the sheet in a new incognito window

2) using solutions like
File -> Spreadsheet Settings -> (Tab) Calculation -> Recalculation
– Instead and every minute, as mentioned here.
How to force new Google spreadsheets to update and recalculate? But this only emphasizes functions like NOW(), TODAY(), etc.

3) pressing enter + enter in as many cells as I could (but that would take too much time)

Sample case sheet test

I made this sample case by

  1. Made two sheets: sheet 1, sheet 2. All formulas on sheet 1 depended on the figures on sheet 2.

  2. Sheet2 deleted.

  3. All the cells in sheet 1 became. #REFEREE!s

  4. He added a new sheet, re-titled sheet2.

  5. I went back to sheet 1 and tried to recharge a couple of cells. They work now, but only if you manually reload them by typing enter + enter in them. I can not reload them all automatically.

Any new idea would be much appreciated. Thank you!