How do I install a custom local source?

I am trying to install a custom local source but it does not seem to be working.


@Profile forward {
font family: "TTNorms";
src: url ("./ fonts / TTNorms.eot");
src: url ("./ fonts / TTNorms.eot? #iefix") format ("embedded-opentype")
Format url ("./ fonts / TTNorms.woff2") ("woff2"),
url format ("./ fonts / TTNorms.woff") ("woff"),
url format ("./ fonts / TTNorms.ttf") ("truetype"),
url ("./ fonts / TTNorms.svg # TTNorms-Regular") format ("svg");
source-weight: normal;
Letter style: normal;

My sources folder:

├── TTNorms-Regular.eot
├── TTNorms-Regular.svg
├── TTNorms-Regular.ttf
├── TTNorms-Regular.woff
├── TTNorms-Regular.woff2

However, when I try to configure any element Typographic family: "TTNorms" It does not work. What am I doing wrong?