How do I find multiple variation of same color which are visually contrasting

I am developing some kind of heatmap for a stock market-related project which has ~80 large to small boxes on the screen to denote a stock and it’s change

I use a red background on box to denote loss, and green background to signifies gain. I use white text with a stroke to display some text on them.

Here is what I need now.

  1. I need to have special boxes which are also red and green, but I want them to have a different colour variation so they stand out as special.

  2. On these normal and special boxes, I also need to write some text in red and green variation to write more details.

How do I find good colour combinations to achieve my goal? It doesn’t have to be a strictly red/green combo. Other colours which signifies loss/gain are also okay.

enter image description here