How do I delete all references to the sample database when I use the Forena report module on a server without Sqllite PDO?

We have installed Forena on a server that does not have the PDO driver for Sqllite and we would like to remove all references to the sample DB repository so that Forena pages do not show an error about the missing driver. Users see a lot of:

PDO driver support for sqlite not installed

I tried using drupal_alter to remove repositories:

function mymodule_forena_repos_alter(&$repos) {


Then I receive a new error:

Sampled undefined repositoriesb

Indefinidoforena_help repository

I tried to patch the forena module to disarm the settings.php variables inside the sampledb folder. That also gives a new error in the "PDO Controller not found" line.

How do I delete all references to the SampleDB repository? I would also like to remove Forena Help and Drupal Admin repositories if possible.