How can I solve security and privacy problems with Mojave?

Mojave has expanded the sandbox rules for files and devices. When an application needs to use the camera or microphone, the user must receive a notice the first time to authorize it. Unfortunately, from the update of my MacBook Pro to Mojave, none of my applications send this message and they can no longer use the camera or the microphone. I have found two exceptions: FaceTime and Safari + appear in. No other browser (Chrome, Firefox, Opera) or video conferencing services (Google Hangouts, Google Talk,, Skype) work.

According to the Apple documentation, permissions can be reset on the command line using tccutil camera reset Y Tccutil restart microphone. These commands run without error for me, but there are no changes in the behavior. System warnings are never issued for any of these attempted interactions.

I have also observed interactions of multiple applications that no longer work. For example, Scrobbler must interact with iTunes to record the music that is playing, but this function is now corrupted in my system.

In the Privacy and Privacy dialog box on the Privacy tab, the Camera and Microphone panels are empty ("Applications that have requested access to your camera / microphone will appear here"). And the automation panel has only a couple of elements, not or iTunes. And unlike the Accessibility panel, these panels do not have +/- buttons to add entries manually.

My question is: How can I solve this problem even more?