How can I show people with their location on Google Maps?

I am running a job portal website, I collect user information, including its latitude and longitude, basically I want to be able to search Google Maps from the information they provide to my website.

A similar example includes the integration of Uber, Lyft and Careem with Google Maps. Since every time I put an address on Google maps, I have the option to book trips from third-party applications such as Uber and Careem directly from Google Maps,
This link explains how it is done.

Basically, I want every time someone searches for "Car technicians near me" on Google, it shows the PERSONS registered on my site (which have their latitude and longitude in my database), in the Google map search and a link to my application so that every time someone clicks on "Call" or contact them, it redirects to my application. Similar to what you do with shared travel service providers.