How can I reuse a roll of Aps Film?

Image of the bottom of the APS movie.

Hello 👋🏻
I just went back to the cinema and bought a Nikon Pronea S
And you need an APS movie that I found great to use again.
My problem is that I am trying to find out if my camera is defective and if I can rewind the cartridge at the beginning.

Today I loaded an expired roll of (Voigtländer) Vxg200 (40 exposures) And after some shots I would say that maybe the camera was rewound and I marked it as totally exposed # 3

Some conditions that I want to share to give everyone a better (I guess) one of the two batteries 🔋 were not new. I had life but not new.
It is very cold today.
The camera was purchased on eBay with seller's notes 📝 in working condition!

I would like to recover this roll, but I have no idea how to reuse this roll in my Fuji point and shoot, can I do that?
And do you think there might be a problem with the camera itself?