How can I monetize my movie site?

I know a really good movie affiliate network, if you're still interested in finding a good one. I was recently invited to a private network of affiliated movies (also suitable for niche games / electronic books / file downloads), that's much better than anything else I've tried before; The offers are much better for the conversion and the commissions are incomparable. It's different from other affiliate movie sites; in fact, it is a membership site, where users can register for a free trial and can watch movies (or play games, read e-books, download files, there are also some offers for these niches) and affiliates receive a payment even for Free trial Subscriptions. Even if the user simply joins the site and stops their trial period within 5 days, affiliates receive commissions on the same days the user joined (even if they do not make any purchases, and even if they later ask ) for a refund). And the 2 most important things: the commissions are quite high: they are paid twice a month, through PayPal.

Contact me if you want an invitation to join this network! With your unique 2000 per day, you will earn a lot of money, because only 1 free registration will give you an amount between $ 16 and $ 22 per day; and with your traffic, you'll get about 10 subscriptions per day, I think :)