How can I create an html table using PHP MVC?

I am using PHP MVC with PDO.
In my user model I have the following

public function selectAll () {
$ stmt = $ this -> _ connection-> prepare ("SELECT * FROM users ORDER BY user_id ASC");
$ stmt-> execute ();
returns $ results = $ stmt-> fetchAll ();

Then I have this in a controller

                                $ user = $ this-> model (& # 39; User & # 39;);
$ user-> selectAll ();

Watch Currently I tried this but I get an undefined variable: users in F: xampp htdocs app views users.php on line 28

                        First name
                        first name
                        user / td>

Most of the places I see do not use MVC and they have what I have in my model directly in the view, but I do not want this.

How can I create an HTML table with MVC?