How can I add a second Open Graph image to a site using Yoast?

Through the Yoast SEO plugin, I added an image of 1200 by 630 for use on sites like Facebook and LinkedIn (and the image appears with a complete set of meta og tags).

I want to add a second open chart image (one square) for WhatsApp to use (WhatsApp selects the last image and cuts it to a vertical aspect ratio of 1 by 1.3 and then displays it at 80 by 104 pixels, which doesn't work Well with the image design that works well with Facebook (and LinkedIn).

I don't think Yoast directly supports a second image, but is there a way to use functions.php for a second image (with op: image, og: image: secure_url, og: image: height, og: image: width, and og: image: alt meta fields)? You would not need the image data to be done programmatically, since you would use the same image for each page, so the information could be encoded in functions.php.

Thanks for the help.