HostMyBytes – VPS combined resources in Los Angeles from 3 VPS for $ 1.58 / month! – Low-end box


Jonathan, of HostMyBytes, contacted us with some attractive, combined VPS offers in Los Angeles for the LowEndBox community. This offer uses grouped resources for VPS instances. You can buy a plan and then divide it into several instances of VPS according to your desired specifications. And for this to happen, they are also packaging a generous amount of IPv4! Also, your location in Los Angeles supports IPv6, in case that feature is important to you.

This is what they had to say:

"HostMyBytes was born out of necessity, and today it is more than four years old. We create HostMyBytes to meet our own needs and high standards for excellent hosting services. Then we decided to share our vision, processes and high standards with the world. "Web hosting is what HostMyBytes does, and we strive to do it better than any other company."

***I want a promotional gift? Well, they already have it, they said that our readers only need to open a ticket after their order, they mention that you are from LEB and they will provide you a free month in any plan that you order, as long as you mention that it is from LEB ***

3x VPS Pool Special

  • 3GB of RAM
  • 3 CPU cores
  • 80GB HDD
  • Bandwidth of 3TB
  • 1 Gbps uplink
  • Create 3 VPS & # 39; s
  • 3 x IPv4
  • 400 x IPv6
  • OpenVZ
  • $ 19 / year
  • [ORDER]
5x VPS Pool Special

  • 5GB of RAM
  • 5 CPU cores
  • 150GB HDD
  • Bandwidth of 5TB
  • 1 Gbps uplink
  • Create 5 VPS.
  • 5 x IPv4
  • 400 x IPv6
  • OpenVZ
  • $ 29 / year
  • [ORDER]
10x VPS Pool Special

  • 10GB of RAM
  • 10 CPU cores
  • 300 GB Hard Drive
  • Bandwidth of 15TB
  • 1 Gbps uplink
  • Create 10 VPS & # 39; s
  • 10 x IPv4
  • 400 x IPv6
  • OpenVZ
  • $ 55 / year
  • [ORDER]
Special 15x pool VPS

  • 16GB of RAM
  • 15 CPU cores
  • 500GB hard drive
  • Bandwidth of 30TB
  • 1 Gbps uplink
  • Create 15 VPS.
  • 15 x IPv4
  • 400 x IPv6
  • OpenVZ
  • $ 99 / year
  • [ORDER]

HostMyBytes started offering VPS services in 2014. Jonathan told us that they have more than 13,000 active clients and that they are growing rapidly. For those interested, their WHOIS information is public. HostMyBytes supports payments through PayPal, credit cards, Alipay, Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum. An interesting note, your support statistics are displayed on your page about. Based on the data, it seems that your support is quite good. Carefully read its Terms of Service, Acceptable Use and Privacy Policy before making any purchase.

Host node specifications
– Dual Intel Xeon E5 or Intel Xeon E3
– Minimum of 32GB to 64 GB of RAM
– 4x 2TB Enterprise Drives
– Hardware RAID10 with CacheVault
– 1 Gbps uplink

Network information

Los Angeles, CA, USA

IPv4 test:

Please let us know your comments and if you have any questions / comments!