Hosting on my own server

Hello everyone, I hope to receive some advice on hosting our website on our own server (I hope you are posting in the right place).

We are a small company with very little traffic to our website. It is currently hosted on a paid web server, but we are considering whether we should change it to our own servers or not, as we have bigger goals in mind for the website as we grow. At the moment I am not very aware of the specifications we have for our servers, and I will analyze them once I receive comments from experienced people here. But I do know that we have a dedicated server for the company, with a lot of space and speed. In terms of Internet speed, just by doing a quick Internet speed test, we get approximately 95Mbps of download / 95Mbps of load.

When searching online, I found a lot of articles about setting up a server at home, but nothing specifically about setting up your website on an existing server that already serves a company. However, the general consensus is not even to bother. Too many headaches and concerns to host your own website, and it is best to stay with a hosting company.

I'm just looking for any kind of comment on when / if it ever makes sense to host your own website, your concerns / obstacles … etc. I am currently inclined to stay in a hosting company, but looking for comments. I have designed and managed websites, but this would be very new to me, so very beginner in this.

Thank you!