HostforWeb: 30% discount on full management SSD VPS! RAID-10 | Backup copies | cPanel | Live 24/7 support!

HostforWeb offers you a fully managed, reliable, fast and affordable SSD hosting platform from multiple locations within the United States. We strive to provide a fast and reliable hosting service every day for our customers, along with 100% customer satisfaction with a real technical support team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which is ready to help to our customers throughout the day.

See what is included in our Fully Managed SSD VPS Hosting Plans

  • SSDVPS-1: 100GB SSD disk space, 2GB of RAM, 2TB of monthly bandwidth- $ 34.96 / month
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  • SSDVPS-2: 120GB SSD disk space, 4GB of RAM, 4TB of monthly bandwidth- $ 48.96 / month
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  • SSDVPS-3: 150GB SSD disk space, 6GB of RAM, 6TB of monthly bandwidth- $ 62.96 / month
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  • SSDVPS-4: 200GB SSD disk space, 8GB of RAM, 8TB of monthly bandwidth- $ 76.96 / month
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Additional features that we have included with our fully managed SSD VPS hosting plans:

  • Our fully managed ssd vps hosting includes daily backups at no charge. Unlike some of our competitors, our backup restorations are free
  • cPanel / WHM is included for free on all servers
  • VPS administrator to analyze, restart and control your VPS on the fly
  • We have included CloudLinux CafeFS & LVE Manager. Customers can take advantage of the optimization of their site to use different versions of PHP plus additional security benefits.
  • Optimized configuration for WordPress and other applications; hardened by the best security practices
  • 2 IPs included for free. Up to 16 available IPs
  • True Managed VPS hosting. Where others charge, we do not. Talk to us 24/7 by phone, live chat or ticket support
  • Experience the Ultra-FAST hosting with our SSD hosting plans. By using only enterprise-grade SSD drives with hardware RAID, you can experience faster response times when loading your websites.

In addition to our fully managed SSD VPS hosting plans, we also have Accommodation in the cloud Y Dedicated hosting server plans

The history of HostforWeb

HostforWeb is a leading provider of affordable SSD hosting services for individuals and small businesses. Founded on the idea of ​​exceptional customer service and support, our goal is to provide a first-class hosting experience backed by our true internal team 24/7.

With more than eight years of experience in the web hosting industry, we provide a level of customer service and technical expertise you can count on. We understand the importance of uptime and reliability and, therefore, we are committed to providing one of the most stable and best performing hosting solutions in today's market.

HostforWeb believes in the main quality and the fulfillment of the promises. Although we pride ourselves in offering competitive prices, we do not compromise the caliber of the infrastructure or the features we offer. In addition to running some of the most advanced hardware available in our premium network, we offer some of the most advanced programs for our clients at no additional cost.