homebrew – Confusion about scrubbing the Caskroom with & # 39; brew cleanup & # 39;

Now beer barrel cleaning merges with beer cleaning.

However, I have not found a way to purge my Caskroom folder using beer cleaning.

The manual page says:

            clean [options] [formula|cask]
       Remove outdated blocking files and outdated formula and cask downloads, and remove old versions of installed formulas. If you specify arguments, just do
This for the formulas and barrels specified.

Delete all cache files older than the specified days.

-n, --dry-run
It shows what would be eliminated, but does not really eliminate anything.

-s Moves the cache, including downloads, even for the latest versions. The notes downloads for any formula or barrel installed will not be deleted yet. Yes
you also want to delete them: rm -rf "$ (brew --cache)"

Only prune symbolic links and prefix directories and do not delete any other file.

I also want to remove the installers from the packages currently installed.

For example, the mactex installer occupies almost 4 GB of space.

Apparently, the command for non-barrel installations is rm -rf "$ (brew --cache), but what is the equivalent for the barrels?