Homebrew – A class based on "weight"

So I do not know exactly if I'm in the right place, either on this site or if I should be somewhere else in the first place, but I'll ask here and if it's inappropriate I hope someone will lead me somewhere else.

A friend and I are doing a stupid campaign in which he started seriously and ended with "all the characters are unarmed or have some ridiculous contraption", and my brain makes the new characters come out of weak ideas very easily, one of the most Recent is a giant Cramped Stone Cleric who spins a giant fist around a chain, but I am rambling. As I said, my brain only creates ideas at random, and I thought that a large construction that uses its weight to kill enemies might be a fun idea, but it's incredibly difficult to find something like what I'm looking for as a class homebrew.

My question is, has anyone heard of a class that focuses on weight? If not, is there a better place to find something for what I'm looking for? Thank you