hitchhiking – People behaving badly to travelers

Hope you don’t mind me posting this here. I am writing a story about two travellers from far away visiting here. I am looking for some amusing anecdotes about the local people (us) being @-holes. Ideally when they really didn’t need to be, they just are, out of habit. The locals are such pathological a-holes that they don’t even consider not taking advantage, petty pilfering, inappropriate familiarity, etc. The more annoying + ridiculous + revealing of that type of human being the better. Nothing upsetting please. Best would be something on the annoying / head-scratching end of the Ahole spectrum.
Any stories I use I will credit in the book. True is better, but made up goes too.

You can imagine the travellers are hitchhiking, or some other form of ad-hoc travelling. The location should not be important. I am interested in humans being dicks generally, no comparison between regions, races, sexes etc.

Thanks in advance!