Hiking – California (and Nevada, Arizona) in March and April

We will go to the end of March from L.A. For three or four weeks. The first two weeks we will stay at L.A. (visits, free accommodation) but we also want to explore about one to two weeks later. We are from Europe and we are not sure when we will have the opportunity to return, so we want to plan properly

We are very interested in national parks, we love to walk, but March and April are still winter, and we are not extreme hikers. I also love the ocean and surfing, but I will probably be able to satisfy this while I stay at L.A ..

What we are seeing at this moment:

  • Highway one
  • Yosemite National Park
  • Kings Canyon
  • death Valley
  • Grand Canyon

We are also thinking about flying to Cancun / Mexico or Hawaii while we are there. I'm not sure if this makes sense.

So, what is my question here? I would like to suggest places that are worth visiting, the best routes, some suggestions really.