high sierra – How do I copy the home directories of users from one system to another while preserving all attributes?

I am in the process of dismantling an old macOS High Sierra server and rebuilding it as a macOS Mojave server.

I exported OpenDirectory users and groups in the previous one and imported them in the new one.

You could move the user's home folders by turning off the previous system, mounting it in the destination disk mode and using ditto.

But suppose I don't want that and I want them both to continue running (for example, because the old one still provides services such as email and DNS) since the new server is still in accumulation and the content on it is experimental (final copy made before continuing live in the new). The best way I can think of preserving everything is to create a DMG in one system, use it and move it to the other and then do the opposite. Both the source and destination file system are APFS, a DMG will be HFS +.

Is there a better option that retains & # 39; everything & # 39; of the copied directories? It seems to me that tar and zipper do not cover everything. Not sure about rsync/ /rsync --daemon.