Hey guys im practicing BATCH files by making a simple multitool… but my file closes as soon as its opened

Heading ##im not sure why it keeps closing and would like some help in the comments

@echo off
color fc
title CockBall V2 Multitool
echo      CCCCC                kk     BBBBB           lll lll  VV     VV  2222   
echo     CC    C  oooo    cccc kk  kk BB   B    aa aa lll lll  VV     VV 222222
echo     CC      oo  oo cc     kkkkk  BBBBBB   aa aaa lll lll   VV   VV      222 
echo     CC    C oo  oo cc     kk kk  BB   BB aa  aaa lll lll    VV VV    2222   
echo      CCCCC   oooo   ccccc kk  kk BBBBBB   aaa aa lll lll     VVV    2222222 
echo 1 pScan
echo 2 LanC
echo 3 IP Stresser
echo 4 info
echo 5 ping (for testing ip)
choice /n /:12345 /M "Choose something.. tf you think you do?"
:LABEL-1 pScan
start Pscan.exe
goto menu
start LancV2.exe
goto menu
:LABEL-3 IP Stesser
start CockBallPinger.exe
goto menu
:LABEL-4 info
echo made by jagli xd
echo helped by: nobody
echo Private Multitool
goto menu

:LABEL-5 ping (for testing ip)
set /p yee=Enter ip for test:
ping %yee% -l 65500
goto menu