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I have had a very strange error, apparently I think it is the repository that is in the .m2, the problem is when I do a
"clean and build" the spring petclinic, send me an error from jacoco, any solution?

cd C: Users my name Desktop FonBon-Functional spring-petclinic-master; "JAVA_HOME = C: Program Files Java jdk1.8.0_151" cmd / c "" "C: Program Files NetBeans 8.2 java maven bin mvn.bat " -Dmaven.ext .class .path = "C: Program Files NetBeans 8.2 java maven-nblib netbeans-eventspy.jar " -Dfile.encoding = UTF-8 clean installation ""
Scanning for projects …

Building petclinic 2.1.0.BUILD-SNAPSHOT

— maven-clean-plugin: 3.1.0: clean (default-clean) @ spring-petclinic —
Delete C: Users my name Desktop FonBon-Functional spring-petclinic-master target

— Jacoco-Maven-Plugin: 0.8.2: preparation agent (default) @ spring-petclinic —
argLine set to "-javaagent: C: Users my name Sanchez .m2 repository org jacoco org.jacoco.agent 0.8.2 org.jacoco.agent-0.8.2-runtime.jar = destfile = C: Users my name Desktop FonBon-Functional spring-petclinic-master target jacoco.exec "

— git-commit-id-plugin: 2.2.5: revision (default) @ spring-petclinic —
dotGitDirectory C: my name Desktop.git
SLF4J: Error loading the class "org.slf4j.impl.StaticLoggerBinder".
SLF4J: Defect to the implementation of the recorder without operation (NOP)
SLF4J: See for more details. my name xd my emailxd


Total time: 2.878s
Completed at: Thursday November 22 23:50:42 CST 2018

Final memory: 24M / 225M

Error executing the target pl.project13.maven: git-commit-id-plugin: 2.2.5: revision (default) in the spring-petclinic project: The Mojo execution could not be completed … Error: Could not get the HEAD reference, right? Are you sure you have some confirmations in the dotGitDirectory? -> [Help 1]

To see the full stack trace of the errors, rerun Maven with the -e switch.
Run Maven again using the -X switch to enable the full debug log.

For more information about errors and possible solutions, read the following articles:
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