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I have a dedicated server with Hyper-V installed in a production environment.
I have run this dedicated server for a year and a half without any problem or failure, but now, when my company finally started to grow, my dedicated server is restarting for no apparent reason.

God of Hyper-V can you help me?

He is currently hosted on SoYouStart and they told me that they reviewed all the components and none of them had any failures.
I do not think it's a DDoS attack either, since all the ports are blocked except the remote desktop port, which is only enabled for the range of my country and also SYS told me that they did not identify any attacks on my dedicated server.

The event viewer does not show any errors, the only thing it says is:

Critical error (Kernel Power) 41:
The system has been restarted without turning off cleanly first. This error could be caused if the system stopped responding, failed or lost power unexpectedly.

There is also no event before (or a few minutes before) the dedicated server restarts …

I also installed a monitor in memory, but I do not know why it stopped recording 25 minutes before the server crashed.
The same thing happened with the network monitor that I created.

And none of the registered a high use or anything of this.

I have run out of options, could someone help me?
It is a production server.

More information:

– It is a Windows Server 2012 R2 data center with Hyper-V installed
– Windows Build 9600
– 15 VPS on it
– The processor always runs at 1 ~ 5% (E5 1650 v2)
– Memory usage 53 / 64GB (83% in use)
– Running since May / 2017

Thank you.