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Learn PHP programming with this tutorial for beginners! PHP Hello World is easy and the best way to start learning how to code PHP. This short tutorial shows you how to use the Eco function to display text in a PHP file.

PHP echo can be used to display text (a "string"), or any other value or output. In the following example we will show "Hello World" in the PHP script using the echo statement.


Just use the "echo" function and then follow with a quoted string, variable, or other data value.
You can also use parentheses (oldest) to surround the value you want to display on the page.


This simple PHP tutorial for beginners covers everything you can do with PHP hello world. It is the best way to learn PHP, so read well and practice carefully so that you can learn to be PHP developer / programmer. Hello World is the default code tutorial to start learning any programming language. It is used for PHP and many other coding languages ​​because any Hello World tutorial will tell you how to display information on a page or send data to a script. Learn PHP in 2020 to earn money with PHP programming starting with this Hello World tutorial. Read my beginner PHP Hello World tutorial to learn PHP and create your first PHP script. It is a great resource for anyone who wants to start coding. You will learn how to use the PHP programming language echo, print, and other functions to display text or information on the page. If you want to create a PHP file and display text or other data, you should read my full PHP tutorial & # 39; hello world & # 39; for starters.

You can also use variables in an echo statement. For example, a PHP variable configured to be equal to the number "1" can be easily displayed.

This code will simply display "1" on the page because the variable repeats.

Here is another example to echo a PHP string:


My PHP tutorial also covers other things you can learn with a Hello World PHP script, so read it carefully and practice! There is a lot you can learn from this unique tutorial to start your journey to become a PHP developer and earn money online.