Having to love Mondays | Web Hosting Talk

In the last weeks I have had problems with Dreamweaver CC. New version, all kinds of oddities. Naturally I assumed it was the new version, and nothing external to that. I spent days solving problems, finally putting it into operation. Life is good. Some other things started to have problems only in the last days, like one of my browsers that could not be started (reinstalled), then a text editor complained that a dll was missing and could not be executed.
UH oh.
Quickly perform a file system check, and find some corrupted files … and those that would normally replace them, are also damaged.
In general, one of two things does that: virus, hard drive failure.
Checked with Malwarebytes, clean bill. I reviewed the health of the SSD with Crystal Reports; There are no problems at all. Strange.

As for the system history, I see a Windows update just before the most serious things started, so I decided to try to undo it.
*boom* Hell broke loose. Blue projection, only it will not come back. I have to assume that Crystal Reports lost something, and the disk (cheap Adata that came with this system) was in poor condition.
As it is the main disk, and I have recent backups, it was tempting to simply restore one on a new disk (I had the foresight to have a 250GB Samsung Evo 850 on hand here), but one of the two complete sectors per image sector (naturally the newest) was almost empty. I have to assume that some missing dll caused the backup to fail in some way (the reported size was correct, although it was empty) I could not be sure how viable the previous one was, but I'm really happy to have access to at least files and files. configuration, so the time for a complete reinstallation and manually turns everything around.
24 frustrating hours later, it's almost where I was when everything went south in me. Well, apart from the raft of more than 160 Windows updates waiting …

Lesson learned?
If you see missing or damaged files on an SSD, assume the worst and have a spare drive at hand.
Keep more than two backup images for each unit.
Keep the documents and the operating system / programs in different units, since that made things much more complicated than it would have been.