having problems with go daddy vps

So I only buy a vps at go daddy, the default name server in the vps is ns1.secureserver.net and ns2.secureserver.net.

I have a domain registered in another registry and change from dns to ns1.secureserver.net and ns2.secureserver.net. I created the account in whm and use the default name server, but my domain still does not work. I get "could not find the server's IP address". error.

so if I try to ping my domain I can not find the host.

If I ping ns1.secureserver.net I get an answer.

that the confusing part with the Godaddy server vps is the IP address of the server is 132.14x.xx.xx but the default name of the server root account ns1.secureserver.net is not the same as the server's IP address if I try to change it to ip server it changes back to

I'm stuck I do not know how to solve this problem please help