Have you heard about the new eSIM technology in the new iPhone?

I used to make repairs at the board level (and modifications) on days G3 / G4. What he put is exactly what I was dealing with 20 years ago when I ran an Apple certified store: they certified us to use their RMA system and do nothing more than the machines.

… and that was BEFORE the current wave of trying to block people from the machines with the idiocy of non-standard screws and glued parts.

Even then they neutralized the PCMCIA slots by omitting two power rails and called it "AirPort", so only their wireless cards worked. (although a handful of Buffalo chip cards worked proving that it was PCMCIA), master and slave exchanged in optical drives, so aftermarket units with slim form factor could not be used in iBooks (without shortening two pins). They used flat cables that were a fraction thinner than the design required on the screens, which resulted in a "line tracing" problem. They sold 18-bit screens with internal interpolation in the controller claiming they were 24 bits. They closed the 600mhz G3 in the toilet seats to 233mhz so they could wrap them in insulating foam instead of putting a heat sink on them and avoid putting those terrible fans in the machine.

There's a reason why I've said for 30 years that Apple does not know the difference between the cooling and the power plug on the back of the machine. They would not know the proper cooling if they undressed, painted themselves in Noctua so, and climbed on a table to sing "Oh, look what a great cooling fan I am".

A problem that dates back to Apple II, therefore, the reason why the No. 1 part of the aftermarket for its first true commercial machine was a sidecar that contained a giant fan that forced the air into the machine through the lateral vents.

The story of Apple is a story of lies. They settled into education in order to rewrite the history of the computer and its place in it. They have spent their entire lives overloading, sub-delivering, and taking advantage of the consumer's ignorance. NOTHING what they do today is ANYTHING different from the scammer-artist lie of the dirty scams, of two faces and rudeness that has been the business model of the company since the first day.

If ANY other company in ANY other industry worked that way, all their administrative personnel, both present and past, would be locked up. But no, it is the powerful Apple that can not do anything wrong.

Jobbo, the clown, had more in common with Manson and Jones than with any suitable businessman … and the ONLY reason why someone seems ALSO to throw money at Apple products is a mixture of ignorance, social status and worship. appeal.

Basically, Apple markets the contaminated taste-aid.

So, are you adopting a technology that offers 100% remote control over which devices are authorized to use a telephone plan? AS USUAL. Just another way to take advantage of supplier blocking.