Has Chrome removed the autocomplete / autocomplete function of arbitrary HTML fields in a recent update?

A user at work has used Chrome for years, using the same website throughout the day (an internal work site). Until about a week ago, he had relied on the autocomplete / autocomplete function to enter data into an arbitrary text entry. That is, he wrote the first letters in an HTML field to enter the description of one element and then the rest would be completed, since most of the descriptions begin with one of a limited set of sentences.

This autocomplete data in the Chrome settings has not been deleted or deleted manually, so Maybe a recent Chrome update eliminated the autocomplete function in arbitrary entry fields (without address / billing / password)?

Google has not led anywhere, other than finding that Chrome can purposefully maintain billing information / address / password. For the developers that there are, no autocomplete = off attribute of any type has been added to the HTML.

The type of user thinks that it may be due to a Windows 10 update, but that seems very unlikely.