hardware – Protects HDD from permanent writing

I am looking for a way to permanently block an external hard drive in read-only mode, without the external attacker being able to write it. If it is not possible to use a password or pin to make the disc recordable, I agree with a permanent write lock solution. The goal is to prevent unauthorized third parties from adding files to disk or modifying the files on the disk and claiming that those files or their changes belong to me.

I know that the DVD is a typical solution for this, but I need to make 1TB to 2TB of read-only data, so DVDs are not an option.

Is there any way to physically block the hard drive in any way? I agree with the use of any hdd from any manufacturer, either completely external or a hdd of 2.5 that can be placed in an external cabinet. It's okay to cut something (like a cable). It only has to be a password-protected change (does not depend on the operating system) or a complete damage of the hardware for the writing capacity of the unit.

I searched both here and on the Internet in general, but I could not find the answer.