hardware – Help me to block my Mac

My MacBook Pro has been crash for months, at least once a day most days

I blame him on excessive heating Since it reached 100 ° C several times when it went out.

The last time I took him to a repair shop, they could not reproduce the problem. They showed me some tests they did that showed that the laptop ran successfully for hours, despite the large number of calculations.

It seems to be blocked at random, for example:

  • With only four tabs open in Firefox … I close one of them and the laptop shuts down! (It happens very often when I would close an eyelash.)
  • While, on the other hand, with 10 YouTube videos open at the same time, and prime95 (a number processing program) running, the ventilation would be noisy, but the laptop do not shock.

Hence the question:

How can I make the laptop overheat on demand?

Any idea of ​​things to run?

I would like to emphasize the different components. This would help me or a repair shop diagnose the problem.

Optional. More details for those interested.

  • The laptop is a MacBook Pro 15 "of 2014.
  • I had a problem with the battery: macOS said that the battery needed to be replaced. So I went to a store (in Hungary) and changed the battery. When passing, I asked them to clean it (dust + new thermal paste).
  • … the overheating problems started then. I took it back to the store, but they did not make it crash. They said it could be a software problem, which left me a little doubtful.
  • Cmd-Option-P-R did not help.
  • Finally I reinstalled macOS (clean reinstallation, formatted the disk, installed Mojave), and there was no difference.
  • Running Apple Diagnostic (holding re when restarting) did not help (zero problem was detected)
  • Usually, it gets blocked at night … (I do not think it ever crashed in the morning), as if the heat had accumulated.
  • I have dual boot with Windows (thanks to Bootcamp). I can play GTA V or Fallout 3 on it and it will NOT be blocked.

Thank you very much for the help.

I help 