hard drive – MBP TB 2016 Error formatting and crashing. Is the APFS container damaged?

Hy everyone!

I need help to restore my MBP.

2016 MBP15TB

I made a USB drive with Mojave, rebooted with Command + R, I entered the utility disk and wanted to delete my SSD to start the installation. The computer was working fine today, but I had a lot of shit and I wanted to start over. It had around 260GB of free space.

Unfortunately this did not work, and the deletion process crashed.

He searched online and found a topic here and discovered that he can delete the apfs container manually in the terminal with diskutil.

I found a YT video explaining it and it worked until the process really started.

When it reaches 50%, it fails again and restarts.

The format does not happen. I can try to erase from the disk utility and it does the same. The% is not displayed, but after dismounting everything, it hangs for a few seconds and is blocked again.

It can not be reloaded in the original operating system either.

Also the diskutil list shows 22 disks for some reason that I do not understand.

Here is a video about what is happening:

Does anyone have any idea what to do? How to clean the SSD for a complete clean installation?
Thank you.