hard drive – HDD keeps mounting as Read Only

I have a WesternDigital external(usb3) 5TB hdd that keeps mounting as readonly on the mac every time I reconnect it.

The drive was formatted ExFat with diskUtil and is only about a month old.

I’ve run sudo fsck_exfat -dy /dev/rdisk3s1 several times, I keep getting results like this.

0 clusters were marked used, but not referenced
0 clusters were marked used and CLUST_BAD
21 clusters were marked free, but referenced
** Rechecking main boot region.
** Rechecking alternate boot region.
Write     offset = 0x000006040000  length = 0x040000
fsck_exfat: Couldn't write 262144 bytes at offset 100925440, errno 9: Bad file descriptor

I can remount the drive with sudo mount -u -o rw /Volumes/Clients and it seems to work mostly fine (found one corrupt file, but since theres tens of thousands of files, I cant check them all).

How do I troubleshoot the drive further?