hard disk: the external disk does not respond correctly in the graphical user interface of gnome, only in the terminal

I have an external hard drive of 3tb. Writing to disk works correctly. Through the terminal I can access it without problems, but when I open the disk through files and try to change the name of a folder or file or even enter a folder, the fan of my laptop starts to spin hard and It seems that it hangs. I'm not sure how to solve this problem.

lshw Give me this:

* -USB
Description: mass storage device
Product: Expansion
supplier: Seagate
Physical identification: 2
Bus information: usb @ 2: 2
logical name: scsi3
version: 0.00
serial: NA8Q2G39
Capabilities: usb-3.00 scsi
configuration: controller = uas maxpower = 144mA speed = 5000Mbit / s
Description: SCSI disk
Product: Expansion
supplier: Seagate
Physical identification: 0.0.0
Bus information: scsi @ 3: 0.0.0
logical name: / dev / sda
version: 9300
serial: NA8Q2G39
Size: 2794GiB (3TB)
Capabilities: gpt-1.00 partitioning: gpt
configuration: ansiversion = 6 guid = b78b441f-0873-4220-80ae-3da7564d3b25 logical size = 512 sector size = 4096