gui – What tools are there for generating documentation (mostly images) for a Qt application

(This may be considered “off topic” as it is awfully close to a software recommendation question. Recommendations about where to post this instead would be welcomed.)

I’m trying to find tools that would allow me to easily create images for use in our documentation. Our application’s GUI is built using Qt, but our end user documentation is written using latex, references hand made images (screenshots with arrows and text), and doesn’t pull any information from Qt. Recently we’ve been making minor changes to the GUI, but because we don’t autogenerate any images there are a substantial number of images that need to be remade from scratch. Rather than remake each of these images by hand, I had hoped to find tools that would help automate at least some of the process.

Initially I tried using gimp to create templates that I could simply update the background image (screenshot) and leave the arrows, boxes, text, etc. This is not ideal though and doesn’t cut down on the total update time much. What I’d like to do is somehow export the application images automatically from Qt and then construct the final images using latex. Alternatives however would be terrific!

Are there any tools (Qt or otherwise) that can automatically generate images of the GUI?