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As you all know, I am sure, the publication of guests is one of the few ways to obtain backlinks that remain these days. It is a potentially good way to get traffic, but it is also ideal for creating links.

I've been working on an Excel spreadsheet of sites where you can post guests. I'm up to more than 3000.

Some things to understand first:

  1. Guest posting on relevant sites to their own.
  2. Make sure you can include a link & # 39; dofollow & # 39; to your site, preferably within the body of the message.
  3. Rarely is he invited to publish for free. You can spend between $ 10 and $ 150 to write and publish for the owner of the site. I have seen them cost over $ 5000 to publish (no kidding!).

I tried to upload the spreadsheet, but an error occurred. Then, I will try again or I will send it to you if you include your email.