gstreamer – you can not build gst-rtsp-server

I'm trying to make an rtsp server that can capture an rtsp source from an onvif camera and then redistribute this stream to everyone who connects to my server.

I created a new 64-bit VM on VMware Workstation using this iso:

Then I installed ubuntu-desktop:

$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop
$ restart

I cloned the gst-rtsp server from its github repository to a folder on my desktop:

$ cd desktop
$ mkdir camSrv
$ cd camSrv
$ git clone

Then I installed the dependency to which this publication refers:

$ sudo apt-get intall autoconf -y
$ sudo apt-get intall automake -y
$ sudo apt-get intall autopoint -y
$ sudo apt-get intall libtool -y

but when I try to build the gst-rtsp-server project, I keep getting errors …

I installed a lot of other dependencies, but now I'm stuck in the error:

configure: The package & # 39; gstreamer-1.0 & # 39;
configure: error: no gstreamer-1.0> = (GSTreamer) found

I can not find what I'm missing … all I want to do is make the example mentioned in this post work for me …