graphics – MacOS SwiftUi: found images but lost them

A folder ‘ConnectTiles’ contains a number of images – it appears near the top in the Project navigator list, NOT in Assets.xcassets.

The program saves the the folder path thus, in a global variable

imagefolder = Bundle.main.resourcesURL!.appendingPathComponent(“ConnectTiles”).path

Using FileManager.default.contentsOfDitectory(atPath: imagefolder)
all 148 image filenames were saved in an array for later use.

To obtain path to a file for loading an image, I concatenated the folder path with an image name (ie) let path = imagefolder + “/“ + filename This appears as (eg) /Users/ . . . /Debug/ (wish I could look at this in Finder)
But using this in a view (ie) ** Image(path)** I get runtime grumbles for each file – No image named the path found in asset catalog for main bundle which it spells out, ending with ‘/’
So my question is: does Image require the complete path as above, or soemething else