graphics – About using C# to load a package in a Mathematica .m file

I tried to load my .m file in the following way;

MathKernel mathKernel1 = new MathKernel();
mathKernel1.AutoCloseLink = true; 
mathKernel1.GraphicsHeight = pictureBox1.Height;
mathKernel1.GraphicsWidth = pictureBox1.Width;
mathKernel1.CaptureGraphics = true;
mathKernel1.ResultFormat = MathKernel.ResultFormatType.StandardForm;
mathKernel1.Input = "ParallelNeeds(c:\1.m)";

The result

Graphics = {System.Drawing.Image(0)} 

is not an image.

1.m file contains

Plot(Sin(x), {x, 0, 1})

How can I successfully load the .m file and get the image?