Graphical user interface design: good examples of UI patterns for data assembly

I'm not sure what a node-based user interface looks like … but according to the example of and (was this on Kickstarter?) I'd say:

1 / Software that allows users to create workflows has something similar to dragging and dropping elements / objects and connecting them in some way.

2 / Blocks works because there is a standard specification on how each module behaves and connects to other modules / blocks according to the size and design patterns. The closest thing to this could be the mosaics of the Microsoft Fluent user interface (on a home page or the board) or the typical designs of control panels that are more minimalist like Geckoboard but they correct me if it is not about the UI patterns for data assembly (because I'm not sure what that means).

3 / Software that I can use on the top of my head to build something

But maybe you can also find it in places like or codepen.ioi?